Friday, July 29, 2011

So many colors...

Barielle has been offering free shipping this week (it ends tonight, so order now!) so I took advantage of it. This was not a hard sell since their polishes are buy one 50% off to begin with; the free shipping was just icing on the proverbial cake. I ordered Hidden Hideaway (an exotic metallic purple), Berry Blue (creamy navy blue), Decadence (turquoise metallic), and Falling Star (marine blue with gold glitter). Within minutes someone from the company e-mailed me to say they were out of Falling Star and asked if I would like to hold my order until it was available in early August. I responded and asked if I could get Blackened Bleu (black with sapphire sparkle) instead, and they replied very quickly and said they would change my order and ship it that day. How's that for customer service?

Unfortunately I don't think the color swatches on their website are very accurate so I am relying on swatches from All Lacquered Up to reinforce my color choices. As far as I can tell from her swatches I am going to really like all these colors. The only problem is going to be deciding which one to try first. This is a recurring problem with me. Nearly every time I go to paint my nails, I can't decide which polish to use. It's the nail polish version of "I have 500 channels but there is nothing to watch on TV." Apparently the solution to this problem is to just buy more nail polish. I will keep doing that.


  1. I have owned Falling Star for 2.5 years and I have NEVER. WORN IT!!!!

  2. It looks very pretty. So far, and maybe this is just me, I am not impressed with the Barielles. I swatched them when I got them to get an idea of color and that went fine, and the colors are gorgeous, but I'm not loving the formulas so far.